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Filterz Custom Made Earplugs

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Custom hearing protection
The earplugs are small, transparent (can choose colours if wanted) and barely visible while wearing. These earplugs close the ear of completely so they can filter the sound to a level that is safe for a whole night of clubbing. Your ears are protected while you can still hear the music. You can even understand conversations better since the surrounding noise is blocked. The most important thing is that you donít damage your ears and you will never again have ringing ears after a night out!

Filterz* earplugs donít only give you a better experience at a party, no pain, no buzzing ears the next day, but the change of damage is brought down to a minimum.

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Custom Communication Solutions

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About the Filterz Company...

We are number one in clubbing
Loud noise is damaging to your hearing. To be safe while clubbing you can buy Filterz* custom made earplugs. Filterz* is the go-to company that is making special earplugs for the party scene!
Filterz* are populair amongst well known organisers such as ID&T, Q-dance, Electronation and locations like Paard in The Hague and the Club Poema in Utrecht.
The djís Warren Fellow, Umek, Roger Sanchez, Steve Rachmad, Aron Friedman, Sander Kleinenberg, Erick E, Roog, Marcello, Bas & Ram and Chuckie are some of the many customers who already use Filterz!

Where to buy
You can buy Filterz online or at a store, moulds of the inside of your ears are made to create a custom made earplug.

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